Djuvec rice with stuffed turkey escalope

9. May 2020BauchgefühlRezepte

Prep time: 1 h 1 min 1 s

Cook time: 1 h 1 min 1 s

Serves: 4

I know the Djuvec rice from my grandma. The tomato rice used to not be my thing. But sometimes you just have to turn childhood memories into a positive.
I served the rice together with a turkey escalope stuffed with cheese and parsley. It was accompanied by a light crème fraîche enhanced with olive oil and lemon. And so I have pimped my childhood memory.
The rice is really delicious and the great thing is that it just simmers while you can do something else. For example the delicious turkey escalopes.
Of course, the classic cevapcici would go perfectly with the djuvec rice. I’m sure there will be a recipe for that soon, too.

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Djuvec rice with stuffed turkey escalopes and crème fraîche

  • Prep time: 1 h 1 min 1 s
  • Cook time: 1 h 1 min 1 s
  • Total: 1 h 1 min 1 s
  • 4
Classic Djuvec rice with cheese stuffed turkey escalopes





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