• Stuffed pumpkin

    2. October 2022BauchgefühlRezepte

    Are you looking for a stuffed pumpkin? Then you’ve come to the right place. Often pumpkin is prepared only as a soup. However, it is an absolute all-rounder, whether as a vegetable side dish or pureed as a potato substitute. In this recipe, however, he is the main player. Filled with a minced meat and feta mixture, it comes out extremely flavorful and delicious. Not much chichi, but extremely “schmackofatz”, as they say. A green salad with a delicious dressing completes the dish. You can find a recipe for a delicious salad dressing here.Have fun hollowing and filling.⠀

  • Pancake asparagus rolls

    26. March 2021BauchgefühlRezepte

    It’s asparagus season again and I love asparagus. I could have asparagus every day. I’m always trying my hand at new recipes for asparagus, too. So this recipe has now made it onto my asparagus list – pancake asparagus rolls. The asparagus is wrapped in herb pancakes and topped with an herb sauce and cheese. Simply heavenly. Of course, you can choose whether to roll only white, only green or both types of asparagus. I had three quarters white asparagus and one quarter green. The asparagus roll also has ham wrapped in it in a very classic way. That’s what…

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